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Unrivaled Emerging Market Recognition

Over 24 years as a multi-industry Emerging Market analyst, strategist and research manager, Cribstone Founder Mike Harris was the single highest ranked Emerging Markets Specialist in the history of the prestigious Institutional Investor Survey with an unrivaled 22 number one rankings 

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The Cribstone Edge

Cribstone’s approach has been stress tested over nearly a quarter century with thousands of meetings with leading investors, corporate leaders, government officials and media throughout the Emerging and Frontier markets

Cribstone’s expertise offers a rare combination of forensic understanding of a wide spectrum of companies and industries, with strategic insights on  emerging markets as diverse as Turkey, Russia, Hungary, South Africa and Nigeria...and the global issues that drive them. 

Why Cribstone?

Named after Maine's unique granite Cribstone bridge, our decades of Emerging Market multi-industry and macro experience provides our investor and corporate clients with a strong and unique foundation to understand the risks and opportunities in Emerging Markets

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Why Geopolitics = Falling Oil

After Khashoggi's brutal murder in Turkey, analysis of Saudi-US relations, and the outlook for Oil and Emerging Markets - October 2018 on CNBC-Europe Squawk box

Unrivalled insight into Emerging Markets

If you are an Emerging Markets Investor in Turkey, this is a must watch video. For unrivaled insight into where the Turkish economy is headed, contact Cribstone Strategic Macro

Cribstone Thought Leadership

Cribstone's  Emerging Markets DNA honed over a  quarter century of Emerging and Frontier market experience: Ask the right questions, have the curiosity and experience to find the answers, and conviction to drive the debate. 

Why the British Pound has Emerging Market Style Risk (pdf)


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